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{June 14, 2006}   Second quarter *challenges*

for about 5 years i have sufferd from an obsessive compulsive disored where i would frustrait my self to the point where i end up doing stupid things. like if i clean something it has to be perfect not out of place one bit or i get anoyed plus i would also say something then have to reapeat it in my head over and over untill im satisfied with how many times iv said it. its realy hard for me because i cant show people that i get pissed off for no reason because i would look like a moron. when i first got it mum said it was something that would blow over and that alot of tens go thought it. but it was getting out of hand and i knew that what i was going through wasnt normal. it went away for a few months but then came back twice as bad. iv tried getting help but nothing works


{June 14, 2006}   Fourth Quarter

1) it effects jess because because she wants to make her parents happy and for her to do that she would have to give up somethings she loves, which is soccer. having other people make her choices in telling her what she can and cant do.

2) yes i do, because you see people and have an idea of what they might be like and realy their the complete opposite.

3) i met this guy who i thought was gay he dressed like a gay person he spoke like a gay person and everything about him was what i thought gay people were like, but realy he wasnt gay at all.

4) i think stereotypes have nothing to do with the media i think its just part of life and how people think. yes the media contributes to it but i dont think their the cause of it e.g  they will asume something they saw or heard then tell everyone what these poeple are aparently like.

{June 7, 2006}   2nd day in the city

on the 2nd day we did the same thing in the morning as we did the earlier day. we met at croydon station then got on the train to the city. first we went to the art gallery and were given a tour by this lady who was sooo exicted about all the paintings. after that we went to crossways for lunch it was the worst tasting food iv ever had in my life. after that we went to the state theatre

{June 7, 2006}   1st day in the city

year 9 all met up at the croydon station to leve to the city at about 10 past 9. it took about about half an hour to get to richmond. the train ride was good! group 2 went to the MCG, we had a tour around and were able to go onto the oval. we were shown the rishmond footy teams lockers and change rooms. After that we went to south gate for lunch then we went off into out small groups. first i went to the rialto, and the elevator was really fun even though i passed out when i was going back down. :> after that we went to the we went back to the station because we didnt have enough time to look at the other places. we all got marked off got on the train went back to the crodon station then went home.

{April 20, 2006}   stereotype

people who are GAY are excpected to act in a certain way. poeple excpect gay men to wear skin tight cloths and talk with lisps. they think that the gay women to act all bitchy and be big tough bulky poeple. they get teased and have millions of people who are against them trying to get rid of them and out of their towns.
poeple try to make out GAY marriges should'nt be aloud that its wrong and should be illigal.

{March 29, 2006}   my holidays

on the holidays i went to this party in bayswater and woke up in knox i was so smashed i went shopping and i did stuff i'd rather not mention.

{March 28, 2006}   hotmail most ppl cant find a way to get into hotmail at school cause every link is blocked…except for the ninemsn hotmail. you can check emails from people outside of school and stuff its preety sexual.

{March 28, 2006}   yahoo music is a mad a site because its a music site u dont have to pay attention to anything eles that goes on around you like listerning to the teacher in class hahaha suck!!!

{March 9, 2006}   white room

waking up

to screaming and crying

wanting to get away

i watch as my parents

scream at each other

my sisters sitting in the corner

holding their ears

i wake up to hear a loud thump

my sisters crying 

mum standing over dad

i try to scream but no sound comes out

i try to run but i cant move

the blood dripping from mum’s fingers

her tears dropping to the floor

i watch the blood

running through the tiles

mum walking to the cuboard

to pull out a gun 

she holds it firmly in her mouth

i cover my sisters eyes

i put my arms over their ears

the blood runs out of mum’s eyes

it runs out down beside her mouth

my sisters fall to the ground

police coming through the door

pulling us away

we will never forget

no matter what anyone says

things wont get better

no matter what happens

sitting in the white room

staring at the walls

waiting till i get better

i guess ill be here





{February 23, 2006}  

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